Southern Ontario Manufacturing Network Talks 3D Printing

Article by Rod Mackay updated March 31, 2013


Recently Javelin Technologies was asked to present recently Golden Horseshoe Manufacturing Network – Innovation Breakfast held at the Ron Joyce Centre, part of the the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University.  The event, sponsored by Ontario Centres of Excellence, brought together business owners, educators, financial partners and other stakeholders who want to see the Ontario economy grow.

DAL Presenting Innovation Breakfast

photo by Dave Gurggen

We talked about 3D printers, the history, the technology and the capabilities, but, mostly we talked about the value of 3D printing as a tool for innovation.

As part of the design process, 3D printing encourages more creativity and allow decisions to made more quickly.  There are lots of examples of companies reducing their design cycles by more than 50% by implementing in-house rapid prototyping solutions.  These companies have a competitive advantage and benefit by getting products to market months earlier.

As 3D printing matures, it is also having a profound impact on manufacturing and this impact will continue to grow and help to re-shore manufacturing jobs.  By removing the expensive labour component from complex manufacturing, 3D printing allows parts to be made locally for the same cost as in China or other inexpensive labour markets.  This is already happening for custom manufacturing jobs and low run production, and as the technology develops, larger volumes will start to make sense.

Recently the Gartner Group released a report focused on the huge impact 3D printing is likely to have on the economy.  In that report they specify that “early adopters of 3D printing technology could gain an innovation advantage over rivals“.

The time for innovation is now.  Canadian companies need to innovate more creatively and quicker than their competitors here and abroad.  It is by innovating that we will grow our economy and create jobs. Who’s with me?


Doug Angus-Lee

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