Netflix presents a 3D Printing documentary

Article by Erin Elliott updated April 2, 2014

3D Printing Documentary

3D Printing Documentary to be screened on Netflix

The streaming service will soon premiere the award-winning documentary “Print The Legend,” which is 3D Printing documentary about the cutthroat world of 3D Printing start-ups.

“Print the Legend” is a behind-the-scenes film about start-ups scrambling to get to the top of the 3D-printing world. 3D printing has exploded over the past few years; innovators have gone from printing plastic blobs to human organs, handguns, and 3D selfie dolls. “Print the Legend’s” filmmakers bring viewers into the ups and downs of this field, focusing primarily on the start-ups as they fight to compete with bigger companies.

Lisa Nishimura, Netflix vice president of original documentary and comedy, said in a statement

It’s so rare for a film to capture history in the making, and ‘Print the legend’ has done that in a skillful presentation of the elation and betrayals experienced by young entrepreneurs detailing the ground-breaking technology of 3D printing . This is a compelling glimpse into a game changing technology as it nears an inflection point going from the fantasy world of a few obsessed visionaries to a must-have technology that may enter every home.

Learn more about the film and watch a trailer here:

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