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Article by Rod Mackay updated October 9, 2014


Two good friends of mine, Brian Vickers and Rik Harley recently launched an exciting new venture called Mega Mind Ideas and they are getting a lot of attention these days.

Mega Mind Ideas is a web portal connecting inventors who have great ideas with people and businesses who can help them bring their ideas to market, that could be companies interested in buying their intellectual capital, venture capitalists who can finance a new product launch or professional services like engineers, designers or marketers. Take a look at their website here.


Bernard Pollard

Mega Mind Ideas was recently featured as one of the best ways to get an invention to market in this Forbes article.  With only 1 in 5,000 new inventions going on to a successful product launch inventors need all the help they can get and Mega Mind Ideas is a great tool to find that help.

Brian and Rik are getting noticed locally in Southern Ontario, Canada as well.  On Tuesday October 14th at 9:15am Mega Mind Ideas will be featured on CHCH TV.  You can watch Brian and Rik on CHCH’s live stream here.

Prove out a concept with a 3D Printer

The site is already getting good traction with companies like Javelin who offer 3D printers and services that can make functional prototypes to prove out a concept, attract investors and even manufacture end use parts quicker and less expensively than traditional methods for low volumes and complex geometries.

Inventors are also benefiting from Mega  Mind Ideas.  In fact self proclaimed serial inventor and Tennessee Titan safety Bernard Pollard was so impressed he joined Brian and Rik as a co-owner of the site.  Pollard says Mega Mind Ideas can help get  your ideas seen by the right people and the right companies.

If you have a great idea go to Mega Mind Ideas and take a look.  They might just be able to connect you with the right resources to bring that great idea successfully to market.  You can find them at  You can even enter to win a signed Bernard Pollard Jersey with a custom message.

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