Exclusive SOLIDWORKS Online Training for Subscription Service Customers

Article by Rod Mackay updated July 28, 2015


The SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Program gives you immediate access to new software releases and upgrades, enhancement request privileges, live technical support, and comprehensive online resources to ensure you get the most from your 3D design experience. One of those online resources is exclusive SOLIDWORKS online training through MySolidWorks.

MySolidWorks Standard Training

MySolidWorks Standard Training

Standard Training Courses

As a SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service customer you have access to MySolidWorks Standard which includes the following introductory courses/learning paths:

  • Animations, learn the basics of creating an animation in SOLIDWORKS
  • Assembly Drawings, introduction to Assembly Drawings, including Detailing, Views, Parametric Notes and Bills of Materials
  • Assemblies: Mates, learn how to use Smart Mates, Multiple Mate Mode, and Copy With Mates to automate common mate relations
  • Assembly Tools, learn how to apply Display States, Large Design Review, and Selection Tools
  • Basic Sheet Metal Modeling, introduction to the sheet metal module in SOLIDWORKS, including creation of basic sheet metal flanges
  • Features: Patterns, create copies of existing features in Linear and Circular directions, and by Mirroring across a face or plane
  • SOLIDWORKS Drawings, learn to successfully use the tools available for creating SOLIDWORKS drawings
  • SOLIDWORKS Utilities, become familiar with SOLIDWORKS Utilities functions.
  • Selection Tools, learn some tools that help you select components and entities
  • Plus the other 100+ lessons available with a Standard Account
  • And 100+ lessons available with a Free Account

Access the Learning Paths *

*NOTE: You’ll need to log into MySolidWorks using your regular SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal credentials to access the training

MySolidWorks Standard Lessons

MySolidWorks Standard Lessons

What else is included for Subscription Customers?

In addition to the 40 hours of training, MySolidWorks Standard also includes:

  • Information Aggregation
    • Browse and Search forums, blogs, videos, online help and 3D ContentCentral
    • Share and Bookmark articles
    • Explore and Search advanced forums and knowledge base
  • MyVAR Channel
    • Read about Javelin news, events and technical content
  • Drive
    • Share large files via Dropbox and Google Drive
    • View 2D and 3D CAD files with eDrawings
  • Manufacturing Network (presently US only)
    • Connect with manufacturers
    • Request a quote
  • Xpress Products
    • Activate SOLIDWORKS Xpress Products
    • Access Xpress Products tutorials

Give MySolidWorks a Try

MySolidWorks training includes 40 hours of video content for you to try, simply log in with your customer portal credentials at My.SolidWorks.com. To access more than 100 hours of learning you can upgrade to the Professional version of MySolidWorks

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