Is the latest version of SOLIDWORKS compatible with Windows 10? [UPDATED]

Article by Rod Mackay updated July 29, 2015



Is SOLIDWORKS compatible with Windows 10®? That is a question we are hearing a lot lately.

On July 28 2015, Microsoft® announced that Windows 10® is now available for business. That is great news, but before you rush out and upgrade your operating system it’s always a good idea to check if your business software is compatible, or if an upgrade is coming soon. DS SOLIDWORKS released a customer bulletin about compatibility with Windows 10:

SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5SOLIDWORKS 2016 and SOLIDWORKS 2017 software support Windows 10 64-bit Pro and Enterprise.

SOLIDWORKS 2014 does NOT support Windows 10*

* The following SOLIDWORKS products are NOT supported on Windows 10: SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP4, SOLIDWORKS 2014 SP5 and all other earlier versions and service packs. This applies to the entire product range (i.e. eDrawings, Enterprise PDM, SOLIDWORKS Composer, etc.)

Should I Upgrade Now?

More information and commentary from our Tech Services Manager:

With Microsoft offering Windows 10 as a FREE upgrade, there’s been much more interest in upgrading sooner rather than later. But before you make the decision to upgrade, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. The operating system is the foundation that all other applications run on. Be sure to ask yourself and able to confidentially say “Yes” to the question, “Am I comfortable with running production work on a system running a brand new operating system that could potentially still have some significant undiscovered issues?” Myself, I am upgrading my home PC right away to Windows 10 so I can do some vetting on it instead of my work PC, at home the risk of issues carries a much lower impact. Upgrading a production machine immediately will carry some risk, and you will be taking a gamble.
  2. Have you checked to ensure all your component vendors have produced Windows 10 drivers? After Windows Vista, I believe vendors have learned they MUST have supporting drivers for new operating systems, however the question exists, how good are those drivers? Especially one as important as video card drivers. All SOLIDWORKS users know how CRUCIAL that component is.
  3. Why the rush to upgrade to Windows 10? Windows 10 is going to be available for FREE until July 2016. You have almost a year to upgrade. Why not give it some time to mature a bit, perhaps wait for SP1 or at least a few months which we will inevitably see a mass number of updates to patch up some newly discovered issues.

Don’t rush into the upgrade. Wait until SOLIDWORKS has released versions that officially support Windows 10. By then, Microsoft and system vendors will have more time to make sure Windows 10 works well for you, when the time comes to upgrade.

If you do decide to upgrade right away, please consider doing so on a test machine/platform that you can do some testing on.
  • Make sure SOLIDWORKS will run to your satisfaction, especially if you decide to try to run it in Compatibility Mode.
  • Ensure that your video card has an updated driver for Windows 10, and that it also works well with SOLIDWORKS.
  • Be sure to test using your largest assemblies to give it a proper stress test. Opening a small part or assembly will not properly mirror how you work with it.

Do not base your decision to move forward with upgrading production machines on such a limited test, or worse, by not doing any advanced testing.

In the end, I ask you make an informed decision and do not upgrade just because Windows 10 is free and available to you now.

Good luck!

More Information about Windows 10

About upgrading:

The official press release for Windows 10:

Upgrading an older version of SOLIDWORKS

If you are using an older version of SOLIDWORKS and are not currently on Subscription Service but would like to get the SOLIDWORKS Windows 10 compatible version: learn more about SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service and contact us for a quote.

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