3D Printing Halloween Decorations

Article by Rob Greer, CSWP updated October 30, 2015

3D Printing Halloween Decorations

3D Printed Halloween Decorations

Halloween is upon us and that means wearing your costumes to the office. I have never been one to get all dressed up in a Banana costume only to sit at my desk all day, so I decided to take advantage of the amazing Production Series Fortus 3D Printers here at Javelin for 3D printing Halloween decorations to scatter around the office.

The wonderful thing about 3D Printing is that when you find really cool Halloween decorations online all you have to do is download the CAD or STL file, send it to the 3D printer and press GO! While the 3D printer is building your decorations you can go home and have dinner, or go trick or treating.

I used grabcad.com and thingiverse.com to search for models related to Halloween. I came across some spiders that looked cool as well as a black cat in a witch’s hat, I also found a really cool pumpkin.

I printed the spiders in white using the uPrint SE Plus and I used the Fortus 450mc to print the cat in black ABS.

After the spiders finished I changed the material in the uPrint SE Plus to print the pumpkin in black ABS.

3D Printed Pumpkin

3D Printed Pumpkin

Now I can decorate my desk and show off my Halloween spirit!

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