Canadian designers Daniel Christian Tang showcase innovative 3D Printed Jewelry

Article by Dimos Siagoulis created/updated April 14, 2016

Ever since 3D Printing became mainstream a few years ago, businesses all around the world are using the technology to revolutionize their industry. From medical to automotive applications, 3D printing is used in almost every industry. If you haven’t been following the 3D printing news lately, you might be surprised to hear that the fashion industry has also been impacted by 3D printing. In fact, one startup in Ontario, Canada, by the name of Daniel Christian Tang offers an amazing line of 3D Printed Jewelry.


Mario, Luca and Heng the designers behind the brand Daniel Christian Tang present their latest line of 3D printed jewelry at Toronto Fashion Week 2016. Image courtesy of: George Pimentel

Typically when you buy jewelry, the more complicated the geometry the more expensive it is as there is a lot of manual labour involved in creating the pieces. Daniel Christian Tang has been able to reduce the costs and turnaround time significantly through 3D printing to allow their customers to buy extravagant jewelry for a fraction of the price. The combination of lower price and quick turnaround with the same beautiful materials such as Diamond, Platinum, or Gold, has made them a successful and unique business.

3D Printed Jewelry

A couple weeks ago, Daniel Christian Tang had its official debut during the Toronto Fashion Week 2016 where they showed off a variety of unique 3D Printed fashion pieces ranging from bracelets to necklaces. Below you will find a video recap of the event:

Daniel Christian Tang and Javelin Technologies

A few weeks prior to the fashion show, Heng Tang, one of the three designers behind the Daniel Christian Tang brand, attended a HalTech* event hosted by Javelin Technologies. During the event, Heng showed a few samples of their 3D printed jewelry to show our employees. After seeing the great products, a meeting was set up to see how Javelin can possibly assist Daniel Christian Tang prepare for their fashion show.

Daniel Christian Tang's 3D printed jewelry

Daniel Christian Tang’s 3D printed jewelry along with the fashion show print made on the Fortus 450mc production machine. Image courtesy of: The Canadian Press

One of their pieces of Jewelry was printed on a Fortus 450mc which is a performance production line printer developed by Stratasys. The printer is capable of prints ranging from 0.005″ to 0.013″ so in order to maximize the surface finish and time to print, the part was printed in 0.007″. Once the print was finished, it went through some post processing in order to prepare it for the fashion show.

3D Printed Jewelry

The finalized print after some post processing for the fashion show. Image Courtesy of: George Pimentel

Daniel Christian Tang is a perfect example of how 3D printing can revolutionize a market. With plenty more ideas in the works you will not want to miss out on the exciting future that the brand Daniel Christian Tang will have. Check out their website Daniel Christian Tang and sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date on their latest designs.

*HalTech is a Halton Ontario regional innovation ecosystem. They aid entrepreneurs and startups in the technology field by introducing them to various companies to help transform their ideas and product innovations into a company.

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