Javelin helps sponsor Halton Futures Innovation Summit & Awards for Advanced Manufacturing & IoT

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 7, 2016

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3D Printed Haltech key chains custom made for the summit.

On June 2nd I had the pleasure of attending the Halton Futures Innovation Summit & Awards as Javelin sponsored part of the event hosted by Haltech. I have to say, I was blown away at the quality and overall impact of the summit. Everything from the guest speakers, event space, and booths completely blew me away.

In short, the Futures Summit was to showcase the caliber of companies that reside and grow throughout the Halton Ontario region. I didn’t fully appreciate the caliber of companies this area produces. The Halton region, in my opinion, is a global leader for innovation and incubation for start-ups.

Javelin has been a huge supporter of Haltech and the way they act as a catalyst in the local area for start-ups is truly inspiring. The team from Haltech produced a summit based around the idea of ‘Building our Connected Future” and I now have a new appreciation for how the Halton region’s companies will be driving the shift towards IoT and a connected city. The presentations simply blew me away. Follow this link for a list of the presentations.

 Three important things I took away from the event:

  • Halton is a breeding ground for the companies of the future and a leader for Ontario Advanced Manufacturing. Everyone from the Mayor all the way to the individual creator with a single prototype in their garage is behind the movement to continue Halton’s dedication to technological advancements.
  • 3D Printing was an essential element for any innovation revolving around hardware of any sort.
  • Javelin really has gone the extra mile to work with local partners. In this day and age it’s far too easy to work with companies offshore. We need to make a conscious effort to work with local accountants, lawyers, and B2B companies to ensure the local communities thrive!

All in all the event was a huge success!

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