What’s the Value of a Flexible Approach to PLM?

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Article provided by Aras, last updated on January 3, 2018

Ask three product development teams from three different companies how they handle product lifecycle management and you’re likely to get three distinct answers. So that’s why when it comes to selecting a PLM or PDM system, powerful, out-of-the-box capabilities are important to get implementation started quickly and maximize the value delivered. Yet just as important is system flexibility.

As any team that has implemented PLM or PDM knows, out-of-the-box only delivers so much value. Each manufacturing organization has its own unique approach to managing product development and support so flexibility to adapt to different business needs is critical.

And not just once, but for the life of the system.


Aras PLM System Flexibility

When we consider “system flexibility” what comes to mind is a PLM platform that offers open-access and powerful capabilities to help organizations improve the way they manage information and processes, helping them innovate, deploy, and support new products in conjunction with customers, partners, and suppliers.

As leading product development teams well know, Aras applications are flexible to meet evolving business needs. Leveraging the power of the Aras platform, applications can be easily customized or extended to address specific company requirements. And thanks to the innovative Model-Based SOA architecture, the entire Aras product suite, including all applications, are inherently integrated with one another, no matter how much customization has been implemented.

Aras PLM Structure

Aras PLM Structure

In the video above, you can hear directly from product organizations that have discovered the power of flexible product lifecycle management. In each case, representatives from a variety of organizations see the value in implementing applications that can be easily changed at any time, keeping PLM capabilities aligned with the needs of the business.

While each product developer must adhere to their own unique product development process, you’ll hear first-hand how each organization has benefited from a PLM platform approach that adapts to their business, not the other way around.

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