Using Location Labels in SOLIDWORKS Drawings

Article by Saeed Mojarad (CSWE) updated September 2, 2016


A major difference between a good and a bad drawing is how well it can communicate the necessary information. A good drawing is easy-to-read and includes all the necessary information.

SOLIDWORKS Location labels are a great way to make a drawing easy-to-read by building correlations between items that are related but apart from each other e.g. a detail view and its detail circle.

Location Label Example

Location Label Example

The items that you can add a location label to are as follows:

  1. Section view
  2. Detail view
  3. Auxiliary view
  4. Cutting line
  5. Auxiliary view arrows

How to insert a SOLIDWORKS Location Label

You can add a SOLIDWORKS location label to these items by going to Insert > Annotations and select Location Label from the menu, and then click on one of the items that are mentioned above to add a label to it. As you can see in the picture below, a location label not only shows the sheet of the reference or detail view but also the zone location. One point that may cause a little confusion and worth mentioning is that the zone in the location label refers to the centroid of the parent view not the detail circle.

SOLIDWORKS Location Labels

SOLIDWORKS Location Label Example

To set document properties for Location Labels for your drawings you can go to Tools > Options and then select the Document Properties tab and click Annotations > Location Label.

SOLIDWORKS Location Label Options

SOLIDWORKS Location Label Options

Learn more about Drawings

Try our SOLIDWORKS Drawings training course either live online or in a Canadian city near you to learn more about location labels and other SOLIDWORKS drawing best practices.

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