A Unified Approach to Data Management with Aras PLM

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Article provided by Aras, last updated on January 3, 2018

Yanmar Energy Systems is a leading Japanese manufacturer of air conditioning and power generation systems. The company has product lifecycles that can extend to 20 – or even 30 years! With such lengthy product lifecycles, having an efficient and long-lived information management system is crucial to the success of the company.

Before Aras PLM, Yanmar stored much of their information in a combination of different data management systems – a PDM system, a sales logistics solution and many standalone spreadsheets. Because of the legacy document management system and the use of the standalone spreadsheets, critical customer information was very difficult to find.

Data Management with Aras

Example of a Yanmar Gas Heat Pump Air Conditioning System and CAD drawing. This air conditioning system is used in restaurants, shops, hotels, office buildings and other facilities.

As the company continued to grow, Yanmar knew they had an increasing challenge with their segmented data management system. When deciding whether they should continue to use their system or replace it with a product lifecycle management system, the company discovered Aras PLM and decided to explore further.

Aras PLM provides Yanmar with a unified PLM backbone that is accessible by all users in multiple departments and locations. One of the major benefits that Yanmar found was the ability to customize the solution in-house so they could have a PLM solution that fit their business needs.

With Aras PLM, Yanmar:

  • Improved information storage and retrieval
  • Increased collaboration with a unified solution for data management that is accessible to all essential employees
  • Streamlined customer service and quotation process for customers

“From a business perspective, Aras was an easy choice not only because of the subscription model and lower total cost of ownership, but also because upgrades and training were included in the subscription price,” said Keiji Otsubo, Planning Division at Yanmar Energy systems.

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