SOLIDWORKS Mirror Drawing View

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated September 22, 2016


In SOLIDWORKS 2017, you can Mirror SOLIDWORKS Drawing View, including display model, relative to model, and predefined drawing views without having to create the mirror components. Projected and other derived views carry over the mirror state from their parent view.

How to Mirror SOLIDWORKS Drawing Views

To mirror drawing views:

  1. In the drawing environment, select a Model, Relative to Model, or Predefined drawing view;
  2. In the Drawing view PropertyManager, in the mirror panel, select Mirror view;
  3. Under Mirror view, select Horizontal or Vertical.

The following image demonstrates how to Mirror SOLIDWORKS Drawing View vertically, including the dimensions, which remain in their associated locations:

Mirror SOLIDWORKS Drawing View Vertically

Mirror Drawing View

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