How to install SOLIDWORKS PCB Services

Article by Joseph Lyon updated January 13, 2018


SOLIDWORKS PCB is powerful electronic design software that enables the streamlined integration of electrical and mechanical engineering. Collaboration between SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PCB is managed through a program known as the PCB Services. PCB Services utilizes the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to manage all mechanical and electrical CAD data and change history. Install SOLIDWORKS PCB Services as a separate entity from SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PCB, an additional license is not required.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Network Architecture

SOLIDWORKS PCB Network Architecture

Installation Requirements

There are two possible setup scenarios to install SOLIDWORKS PCB Services:

  1. SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PCB Collaboration requirements:
    • SOLIDWORKS PCB Serial Number
    • PCB Services
  2. SOLIDWORKS and Altium Designer Collaboration requirements:
    • Altium Designer
    • Altium Connector Serial Number
    • PCB Services

It should be noted that the SOLIDWORKS PCB Add-In is what allows the SOLIDWORKS mechanical software to leverage and collaborate with electrical CAD data from SOLIDWORKS PCB or Altium Designer. By default, it is pre-installed with SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP3 and later, it can be installed separately otherwise.

Installation Best Practices

Install SOLIDWORKS PCB Services prior to installing SOLIDWORKS PCB

SOLIDWORKS PCB Services can be found in the SOLIDWORKS installation manager, under Server products installation. It is recommended to install PCB Services prior to SOLIDWORKS PCB and that they are both on the same version.

Install SOLIDWORKS PCB Services

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

Create a backup administrator user

It is good administration practice to create a secondary admin user. In the event you accidently modify or delete your default admin account, a secondary admin user will aid in releasing data.

  1. To create a secondary admin account, first log in to PCB Services web interface (http://machinename:9780) as the default admin (username: admin, password: admin). Next, navigate to the USERS tab and click on + Add User.

PCB Services Web User Interface

  1. Fill out all required fields. Make sure to fill out the New Roles field, search and assign the role of Administrators.

    Administrator User

  2. Select save and you have now successfully created a backup administrator user.

PCB Services – Standalone vs Server

PCB Services can be installed on a single machine or a shared server. It is not required for PCB Services to be installed on every machine using SOLIDWORKS PCB or Altium Designer.  For a multi-user network it is advisable to install PCB Services on a shared server machine, as the PCB Services must always be online. The machine with PCB Services installed must have communication through firewalls and virus protection with all collaborating users.

Installation Guide

For a full step-by-step installation guide, please see the SOLIDWORKS PCB Installation Help.

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