Adding an Overline in SOLIDWORKS PCB

Article by Joseph Lyon updated January 25, 2018


An overline in digital logic is used to indicate an inversion or NOT function. SOLIDWORKS PCB allows for overlines to be inserted in most text fields. A common application for inserting a PCB overline is to distinguish a pin as being an active-low signal in an integrated circuit or microcontroller. Careful consideration should be given when wiring active-low signals as they must be pulled to a low voltage to be activated.

Atmel AT90S8515 Microcontroller

How to Add an Overline to a Pin Name

When creating symbols in SOLIDWORKS PCB, an overline can be added to respective active-low pins. To add a PCB overline in a text field, each letter must be followed by a backslash. For example, an overline can be added to a reset pin as follows:

Adding an Overline to a Reset Pin

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