Adding an Overline in SOLIDWORKS PCB

Article by Joseph Lyon created/updated January 25, 2018

An overline in digital logic is used to indicate an inversion or NOT function. SOLIDWORKS PCB allows for overlines to be inserted in most text fields. A common application for inserting a PCB overline is to distinguish a pin as being an active-low signal in an integrated circuit or microcontroller. Careful consideration should be given when wiring active-low signals as they must be pulled to a low voltage to be activated.

Atmel AT90S8515 Microcontroller

How to Add an Overline to a Pin Name

When creating symbols in SOLIDWORKS PCB, an overline can be added to respective active-low pins. To add a PCB overline in a text field, each letter must be followed by a backslash. For example, an overline can be added to a reset pin as follows:

Adding an Overline to a Reset Pin

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