New PDM Options for processes in SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020

Article by Justin Williams updated December 12, 2019


In SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020, we have more options for PDM outputs from a process;

  • Process Configuration Wizard > Workflow Properties
    • Outputs
Process Configuration Wizard > Workflow Properties > Outputs

Process Configuration Wizard

Do not increment version of PDM files

With this enabled, a new version won’t be created as part of the process output.  This is similar to the option within PDM Overwrite latest version.

A few notes about this option;

  • This setting only applies to the SOLIDWORKS Manage output.
  • May take some time if there are a large number of items linked to this

We can use the Overwrite Latest Version option on the PDM workflow to prevent extra versions being created in PDM if;

  • Manage changes the state of the PDM workflow
  • The PDM transition updates a variable.

Permissions: Use permissions from the logged-in user

This will use the permissions of the logged-in user to complete the process output.

Permissions: Use permissions from the following user

Similar to the functionality within tasks in PDM, we have the ability to assign a user account for the Output Process to use while completing.  This allows users to inherit or limit permissions they wouldn’t normally have for purposes of completing the output.

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