Automatically create Chamfers in SOLIDWORKS CAM

Article by Shawn McEachern updated May 22, 2020


Creating chamfers in SOLIDWORKS CAM used to be a tedious experience. Previously chamfers had to be programming into the operation strategies or created with many curve features at the end of the program.

New in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 Chamfers can be created automatically by selecting Curve features for chamfering in CAM Options. Tools > SOLIDWORKS CAM > Options or right-mouse button (RMB) on the SOLIDWORKS CAM NC Manager and select Options, and move to the Mill Features Tab.

Curve features for chamfering

Then we use Extract Machinable Features on our part. RMB on Mill Part Setup 1 and select Extract Machinable Features.

Extract Machinable Features

Extract Machinable Features

Once the features have been extracted, we can see our Curve Feature1 Edge Break generated automatically. RMB on Mill Part Setup 1 and select Generate Option Plan.

Generate Option Plan

Generate Option Plan

Once the Operation Plan has been generated, we may edit the definition to make changes to this operation. RMB on Mill Part Setup 1 and select Generate Toolpath.

Generate Toolpath

Generate Toolpath

There we have our edge break and all we had to do was check a box.

Edge break applied

Edge break applied


Learn more about CNC programming in our SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard and SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional courses.

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