How to Import & Update SOLIDWORKS CAM TechDB to a newer version

Article by Shawn McEachern updated May 14, 2020


The Import Database Function allows you to import changes from another SOLIDWORKS CAM TechDB, as well as, update a TechDB to a newer version of SOLIDWORKS CAM.

Here is the default location for the TechDB that is created when SOLIDWORKS is installed:


You may find this under CAM Options > File Locations Tab > TechDB Location

Note for PDM users, if your TechDB is checked into a vault it will have to be checked-out to make changes as write access is required. TechDB.cwdb is the only file that needs to be checked out. The TechDB must be checked out if you are importing.

To access Settings in the TechDB Tools > SOLIDWORKS CAM > Technology Database > Settings

We see a warning that SOLIDWORKS should be closed. Close SOLIDWORKS, so only the TechDB windows remains.

Select Import Database. We can see the current link to our TechDB and select that we want mill and turn data imported and create a back-up of the active TechDB in case something goes wrong.  Hit Browse.

Import Database

Import Database

Navigate to the location of the TechDB you wish to Import.

Find location of the TechDB

Find location of the TechDB

Once we return to the Settings page, we can see the link to the database we would link to import. We have the option of select whether we want to import mill and/or turn data and create a backup of the existing TechDB. Click Import.

Import mill and/or turn data

Import mill and/or turn data

It may take a moment or two to import. When complete we should get the green Data migration is done successfully! Message.

Data migration is done successfully

Data migration is done successfully

If we go to our original TechDB folder there will be a back-up of the original TechDB. Just to be safe.

back-up of the original TechDB

Back-up of the original TechDB

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