See in true colour with the Stratasys VeroUltra family of materials

Article by Stratasys Ltd. updated March 24, 2021


Colour is a key element of design. Colour creates ideas, communicates messages, sparks interest and elicits certain emotions. Colour can also be used in product design to reflect an environment, lifestyle or culture.

Colour quality in 3D printing has seen continual improvement over the years, yet the VeroUltra family of opaque PolyJet™ materials is a true game changer in the world of design — offering exceptionally high-quality, accurate colours for a wide range of applications.

Watch the short video below demonstrating the capabilities of the Stratasys J55 3D printer:

A world of colour

Design concepts are created to exhibit the creativity and innovation invested. And when a client arrives to review design concepts there are two approaches you can take: produce a high-quality replica of the finished design or rely on the client’s ability to envision the possible finished piece of which the design intent was built on. Using VeroUltra colours allows you to raise the bar when producing prototypes and offers a multitude of benefits.

True Opaque Colour Accuracy

While colour 3D printing technology has only been around since 2005, it already offers abundant design and functional solutions. Yet, designers seek top level colour tones that can offer undeniable richness and fully express their work. The value of the VeroUltra family lies in its ability to print smooth, highly-accurate opaque colours with rich tones, eye-catching colour quality and high colour separation between hues.

Advancing Prototype Model Attributes

The VeroUltra family uses advanced colour algorithms to take PolyJet full colour printing to advanced levels, enabling high-quality, full colour model production. Using this new printing material, models which previously appeared as having a thin plastic or cheap appearance can now have a higher quality, opaque finish. These unique colour qualities can also simulate natural materials such as wood, fabrics and marble.

Sharper Text and Graphics

The ability to produce such high-quality colours with VeroUltra results in sharper text, labels and graphics as well as meeting 2D industry print standards (MTF 50% at 37.5LPI). VeroUltra Black and VeroUltra White can be embedded in the design and printed as part of the model — bringing unmatched quality to 3D printed text and graphics.

Colour for all applications

Toys and Figurines

Industries such as the toy and figurine production require high-fidelity modeling with superior colour separation and fine detail simulation.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics, or home electronics, are electronic equipment intended for everyday use and typically require thorough modeling to select the best option. VeroUltra is the perfect solution for modelling fine thin plastic designs with textures that simulate natural materials such as fabrics or wood.

Consumer electronics example on the J55

Thin opaque plastic for testing backlights on consumer electronics


VeroUltra is an ideal option for expo models using transparent parts, back-lit panels and buttons for modern automotive product design.

VeroUltra part for automotive

Highly detailed screen graphics

Consumer Goods

With saturated colours, smooth tones and fine textures, consumer goods can be modeled with the top-notch realism to achieve high-level designs.

Stratasys J55 Product Design Process

Consumer product example


VeroUltra is well-suited for simple and complex packaging. From concept to final product design, the opaque colours produce exceptional print quality for all graphics, text and logos.

VeroUltra for consumer packaging true colour 3D printing

Super realistic label reproduction

Ready to see true colour quality?

The VeroUltra family, available on Stratasys J7™ and J8™ Series 3D printers as well as the J55 3D printer, is a mega step forward in achieving the highest colour accuracy currently available in the 3D printing world. View some of the amazing results achieved by our customers and beta-users in our case studies or just request a sample to experience what high-level colour quality is all about.

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