Get Ready for SOLIDWORKS 2022 with an Update Guide

Article by Rod Mackay updated September 8, 2021


Are you ready for your SOLIDWORKS 2022 update? Get your company, department and individual users ready by downloading our comprehensive guide.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 is coming soon, in October we are running SOLIDWORKS 2022 What’s New Online Training Sessions to help you get up to speed with the new release. But what about licensing, budgeting, and installation? This guide will help you to get answers to those questions and determine the next steps for updating your business.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Update Guide


This SOLIDWORKS 2022 Guide will help to:

  • Survey your existing SOLIDWORKS installations
  • Make a SOLIDWORKS budget for 2022
  • Complete an essential checklist to help you update to SOLIDWORKS 2022
  • Identify training classes specific to your industry

Once you read through this guide, you will be able to analyze user trends, evaluate your licensing options, prepare for the SOLIDWORKS 2022 update requirements and access launch resources and training.

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