3D Mouse

My 3D Mouse Buttons don’t work in the newest SOLIDWORKS version?!

If you don’t like a shooting wrist pain brought on by doing everything in SOLIDWORKS single-handedly, then you’ve probably already have purchased a 3D Mouse to balance the workload. Some of the 3D Connexion ones (available through Javelin’s Store) have programmable buttons in them so that you can launch commands directly from the 3D mouse. However, if you have one of these, and you’ve recently upgraded SOLIDWORKS then you may have noticed that your customized buttons no longer work. This can lead to frustration as you may feel that you need to re-learn how to launch those commands from your keyboard. But fear not, because there is a way to fix this so that your customized buttons will work again! Here’s how: Reinitialize 3D Mouse Buttons First, launch your Registry Editor (or regedit). This can be done by clicking Start, and typing regedit into the “Run Programs or Applications” field….


Hold on to your 3D motion controllers folks…they just became a whole lot more useful!

Like many folks, I’ve had a 3D motion controller sitting on or near my desk for years now.  One of the things that frustrated me with motion controllers in general, and specifically the motion controllers manufactured by 3DConnexion, was that their usage was limited to a very, very few applications.  3DConnexion has addressed this little hiccup with their 3DxWare 10 driver platform.


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