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Share designs with Non-CAD contacts easily using eDrawings HTML

eDrawings HTML

New for SOLIDWORKS 2019 is the ability to save an eDrawings HTML file to allow a contact who doesn’t have CAD to view and interact with your CAD files inside their web browser. Previously, sharing a design with a customer who doesn’t have any form of CAD was more difficult as you needed to save the part as an executable eDrawings file. While this meant that the eDrawings viewer was included with the file, one issue with this is that some customers cannot open an executable file! It also means that the file is quite large as the installer for eDrawings is included along with your CAD geometry, often meaning that it can’t be sent as an e-mail attachment. The new eDrawings HTML format allows a smaller file to be sent which anyone can open and investigate.   eDrawings HTML User Interface The user interface is simplified meaning that even…


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