Using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional on a mobile device [VIDEO]

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I recently came across this video created by DS SOLIDWORKS Senior Technical Manager Steve Fick.  Steve did a great job touching on two very important advantages of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional version over the standard version to 1) ensure that a distributed and mobile team can access data quickly and reliably, and 2) having the ability to make good decisions while on the road. PDM Web Portal The key focus is on the web portal available with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and how easy it is to navigate with a mobile phone as it automatically detects and switches to an optimized format.  It also integrates seamlessly with the eDrawings IOS or Android app which allows managers to review the actual CAD data while on the run. Take a look at the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional mobile device demonstration below: The nice thing about this web portal is that it doesn’t require any additional PDM licensing.  It consumes…


How to access SOLIDWORKS PDM on a Mobile Device

SolidWorks PDM Web Portal on an iPhone

With the latest release of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, a new web portal has been included that provides access to the PDM vault with any web browser. This includes all mobile phones and tablets! Check out this video to discover some of the key capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS PDM web portal accessed through an iPhone.  The direct integration with the eDrawing iOS app is amazing and when browsing SOLIDWORKS Electrical PDF’s the embedded hyperlinks are very useful. There is no additional licensing, but I recommend that our SOLIDWORKS PDM upgrade team setup the web portal for you as there are some subtle settings which shouldn’t be missed.


SolidWorks eDrawings for Android

After using eDrawings on my iPad and iPhone for almost a year now and I believe this is an excellent tool for: communicating during the design process with customers and suppliers replacing some paper drawings in the machine shop perfect for describing the assembly or installation process It does almost everything that the PC based eDrawings does and some or the tasks are even easier done due to the touchscreen. Today, the other half of the smartphone and tablet users have reasons to be extremely happy. SolidWorks eDrawings for Android has just been released! You can download the android App from here:   Enjoy!


3D Models on your iPhone or iPad

3dVia Mobile

Want to view your 3D designs on your iOS device?  There’s an app for that.  In fact there’s two, 3DVIA Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch and new 3DVIA Mobile HD for iPad.   These 3D viewers allow you to show off your SolidWorks models on the go.



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