SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility

One of the lesser known tools that gets installed along with SOLIDWORKS software is the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility. This utility tool can be used to permanently delete any simulation data, including simulation setup and results information, from any SOLIDWORKS part or assembly file. There are a few scenarios that this tool can be useful. For example, imagine that you want to share the files with someone else who does not need the simulation data. You can make a back up of your file and use this tool to quickly delete all the simulation data from it and then send it to them. Another situation that you can use the utility for troubleshooting purposes. I’ve seen a few cases where SOLIDWORKS crashes when turning on the simulation add-in. One possible reason for that is corrupted simulation data. Using Simulation Cleaning Utility, you can do a quick test and see if the problem…


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