Stratasys Support Contracts

3D printer servicing and maintenance


To enhance your current and future opportunities, it’s paramount to maintain your Stratasys 3D printer to help you stay competitive and improve your operational efficiency.

The Javelin Stratasys Support Contract offers a smart, flexible way to protect your 3D printer investment.

Benefits of the service

  • On-site technical service
  • Spare parts
  • Priority service scheduling
  • Discounted user training
  • Multi-year renewal savings

Service Capabilities

Boost your 3D printing process and support your Stratasys 3D printer with ongoing maintenance to help sustain your business.

3D Printing Service Request
  • Award winning technical support

    Telephone, web, and email support provided by our Certified Javelin Technicians. 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST Access Support »

  • Preventative Maintenance Visit

    Preventative maintenance performed by certified Stratasys service representative at factory recommended maintenance intervals. Preventative maintenance procedures may be completed in conjunction with unscheduled or emergency service visits.

  • Priority Service Scheduling

    Customer will receive priority scheduling of a certified field service representative after a problem is reported to the Javelin Support Team and the need for an on-site service visit is determined.

  • Parts

    Replacement of all defective or worn machine parts.

  • Hardware Updates

    Updates / modifications as deemed necessary by Stratasys will be installed when available throughout the maintenance period.

  • Software Updates

    Stratasys-developed software maintenance releases provided throughout the maintenance period.

Stratasys Partner

Why choose Javelin?

Partner with the largest Stratasys service provider in Canada

Javelin Tech Support

Getting the best support with a service provider who you can partner with is just as important as the 3D printer you choose for your business. Here are a few good reasons to choose Javelin:

  • Canadian Staff

    Javelin is a Canadian owned and operated Stratasys Solution Partner with 6 locations across Canada to provide your business with the best local service.

  • Support Hours

    Get the help you need with Stratasys Service. Technical support is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM (ET)

  • We help small businesses

    80% of Javelin customers are small businesses. Since 1995 Javelin-Cimetrix has been able to help over 6,000 Canadian customers get on the road to success by supplying the best 3D printers, software, comprehensive training, mentoring, and a reliable service.

An Expanding Technical Team

You will have access to a certified Stratasys staff with real industry experience helping customers in a variety of industries including agriculture, oil and gas, water purification, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. We are currently expanding our team and continually educating existing team members with the latest 3D printing best practices.

Javelin Tech Support Team

Interested in a Stratasys Support Package?

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