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Formlabs rapid prototypes

Guide to Creating Rapid Prototypes for Product Development

Creating Rapid Prototypes with a 3D printer is now a crucial part of the product development process. Learn about rapid prototyping with our Formlabs guide.

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Formlabs Paint 3D printed parts

How to Prime and Paint 3D Printed Parts

If you’re an industrial designer, digital artist, character designer, or model maker, this guide on how to paint 3D printed parts is for you.

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Preparing for a large format 3D printer

Preparing for a large format 3D Printer or Post-processing Formlabs machine

This guide will help ensure that your site is ready to receive, set up, and use a large format 3D printer or post-processing machine from Formlabs.

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SLA 3D printing post-processing

Guide to SLA 3D Printing Post-Processing & Finishing

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about the various SLA 3D printing post-processing methods available, and how to choose the right process for your application.

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Dental lab 3D printer

Dental Lab 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide

Learn how to move from analog to digital workflows with our Dental Lab 3D printer buyer’s guide.

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Injection molding from 3D printed molds

Low-volume Injection Molding From 3D Printed Molds

This white paper describes the production of small injection molded thermoplastic parts that were created with 3D printed molds produced on a Formlabs SLA 3D printer and injected using a Galomb Model-B100 Injection Molder.

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