MPP Kevin Flynn and Cabinet Minister Sandra Pupatello visit the Javelin Office

Article by John Carlan updated February 14, 2011


Javelin had a couple of special visitors last week.  MPP Kevin Flynn and Cabinet Minister Sandra Pupatello visited the Javelin office in Oakville on Thursday, February 10th.  Minister Pupatello is responsible for Economic Development and Trade for the Government of Ontario.  It was our pleasure to have a private meeting with both where we got a chance to tell them about our business and also ask them a couple of questions.  We had a terrific conversation with them.

Sandra Pupatello, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, and Kevin Flynn, MPP for Oakville (second from left)

From left to right: John Carlan - Javelin co-owner, Kevin Flynn - MPP for Oakville, Sandra Pupatello - Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Ted Lee - Javelin co-owner, and Wes van Ooyen - VP of Engineering, Pharmatrust.

We also had the opportunity to review a couple of Government of Ontario programs that were great for our customers.  The CME SMART program and the AIME/Yves Landry Foundation training initiative were administered by Minister Pupatello’s department.  Both were helpful to our customers by providing funding for training and productivity improvement initiatives.  We invited one of our local customers to attend the event that day also to give his perspective.  Wes van Ooyen who is the Vice President of Engineering at Pharmatrust told the MPP and the Minister about some of the training that they took from Javelin that really helped them with the design of a new component of their product line.  Pharmatrust is developing products that are completely changing the way that prescription drugs are dispensed.  The training that the Pharmatrust team took was funded by the AIME/Yves Landry program.  We were also able to share stories about a couple of other terrific Oakville customers.  MTG Moltec and Laydon Composites both benefited from those programs and both have increased their product design skill levels.

Javelin owner Ted Lee explains how a 3D Printer works

Ted Lee shows Sandra Pupatello how an Objet 3D Printer works

We took a couple of minutes to show our guests our new very cool Objet rapid prototyping equipment and a couple of medical and dental applications of the technology.  We also took some time out to give our guests a virtual tour of our new office which has been modeled in 3D using SolidWorks 2011.  Everybody was impressed with the great modeling and rendering work that our team has completed.

We enjoyed the visit with MPP Flynn and Minister Pupatello and we invited them to visit our new office after we have fully moved in later on this spring.

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