Fastest growing customer segment for file management

Article by Eric van Essen updated February 16, 2011


It is no surprise that the fastest growing market segment for file management is the small to medium sized teams. With today’s competitive landscape, it is crucial that these smaller teams are doing everything they can to compete with the big players in their industry. I am currently working with over 50 different companies that have realized that managing their files effectively and standardizing how work is being created and changing hands is on the critical path for overall company competitiveness. In general, I have noticed that the size of a company does not necessarily change it’s requirements, and smaller teams quite typically have many of the same challenges relating to coordination and control that larger companies do.  Many of these smaller teams are trying to avoid growing head count by making the best use of their time by working as effectively as possible, making the return on investment quite evident.

One reason why countless smaller teams have shown so much interest in this solution recently, is due to the unique approach our implementation team has taken with it. They have realized that many smaller teams are flexible and open to adopting Javelin recommended best practices, which drastically speeds up the implementation process and can reduce the initial investment at the same time.

A key advantage to working with Javelin best practices is that it makes it really easy to add additional functionality down the road that works perfectly with the overall system. A good example of this is the new SR&ED time tracking tool set that Javelin has developed to work with our best practice vault. This solution was created with the help of Techcentive (our funding partner:, and has already help a number of clients start effectively tracking time against projects and creating accurate reports on SR&ED applicable time.

The best way to learn about this new implementation approach and to get a good look at the SR&ED time tracking is to attend our webinar that we have scheduled for March 22, 2011. Here is the registration link if you would like to join:

For a preview of the vault and SR&ED time tracking solution, have a look at this video below:

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