Endur Simulated Polypropylene 3D Printing Material from Stratasys [VIDEO]

Article by Rod Mackay updated April 7, 2014


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Today Stratasys released their latest material, Endur, an advanced simulated polypropylene material for PolyJet-based Design Series Precision 3D Printers. As a durable and flexible addition to Stratasys’ growing materials portfolio, Endur offers both high impact resistance and elongation at break, resulting in tough parts with great surface finish.

Offered in a bright white colour, Endur is an excellent solution for flexible, snap fit applications, packaging, containers and white appliances requiring high toughness.

Unique part capabilities and properties include:

  • Advanced simulated polypropylene
  • Higher impact strength
  • Higher heat temperature
  • Increased dimensional stability
  • Excellent surface finish

Application best fits include:

  • Living hinges and flexible closures (Example: spice tins, dispenser closures)
  • Reusable containers and packaging (Example: cd & movie cases, SD card tote)
  • Snap fit housings (Example: ear bud cases, automotive components like gear boxes and housings)
  • White appliances (Example: consumer goods, household appliances, consumer electronics and automotive parts)

 Available now for Objet30 Pro™, Objet Eden™ Series and Objet Connex™ Family 3D Printers.

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