Medical Device Testing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Article by Rod Mackay updated July 5, 2016


From a young age, we’re taught to always double-check our work. Whether it was algebra or English, you had to review your work. Overlooking a mistake could wreak havoc on your report card. Fast forward a few years and the same rules apply in your engineering life; only the stakes have been raised – especially for those in the medical device industry.

Medical device, image courtesy of Argo Medical

Medical device, image courtesy of Argo Medical

Not only do medical device engineers have to address normal design challenges, such as time to market, innovation, cost reduction, and global competition, they also have the massive responsibilities of patient safety as well as adhering to strict regulatory guidelines.

The best tool to defeat these medical device challenges? CAD-embedded simulation technology.

SOLIDWORKS® Simulation solutions, including FEA, CFD, plastics analysis, motion, and sustainability allow you to validate every aspect of your medical device design from concept to completion completely inside of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. The results: achieving compliance standards while keeping projects on time and under budget.

Medical Device Testing, image courtesy of Drager Medical

Medical testing, image courtesy of Drager Medical

Download the white paper below to learn how you can validate your A+ work and conquer even the most difficult design challenges thrown your way. The paper provides an overview of the obstacles medical device designers must hurdle during the product development process, as well as cover the flexible medical device testing tools that enable designers to foster innovation while supporting regulatory compliance and ultimately bringing products to market faster.

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