GrabCAD Print Now Includes Insight Software!

Article by Rod Mackay updated March 2, 2017


GrabCAD Print version 1.3 now includes Stratasys’ Insight software. As a brief overview, Insight is a software that drives Stratasys’ Fortus line of 3D printers as well as the brand new F370 3D printer. Insight is fully customizable and allows the user to determine where the printer puts material. The part’s infill pattern, slice height, number of contours and wall thickness are just a few examples of the fully customizable print options.

GrabCAD Print

GrabCAD Print

Software Features

GrabCAD Print has added a tab to the top of the screen labeled ‘Apps’ where Insight can be found. This Apps tab allows the user to open Insight whether they own a Fortus 3D production system or not. The only caveat is the user can only print files from Insight if they have access to a Fortus or F370 3D printer. This allows users to learn how to use Insight prior to purchasing a machine, as well as prepping files ahead of the delivery of a new Fortus or F370.

Insight is a very detailed software that allows the user full customization over how their part is going to be printed. With this range of customizability comes complexity, and Insight is not necessarily an easy program to learn how to use effectively. Luckily, Javelin provides an Advanced Insight Software training course. The Javelin 3D Printing team teaches this course to users who need to get the most out of their additive manufacturing solution. The course spans 2 business days and is a fantastic way to learn all corners of Insight.

GrabCAD Print Project

GrabCAD Print Project

The decision to release an Apps tab in GrabCAD Print is very exciting because new apps will be developed to patch in different software solutions. This will help to make GrabCAD the one-stop shop for your 3D printing needs.

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