Hold on…the SOLIDWORKS Power Trim tool can Extend too?!

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated April 26, 2017


The SOLIDWORKS Power Trim tool is amazing.  With a quick click and swipe you can trim a sketch line up to the next entity.

SOLIDWORKS Power Trim Extend

SOLIDWORKS Power Trim Extend

There’s also the little red box to undo the last line you trimmed if you were a little trim-happy.

Did you know that the Power Trim can do more than just trim?  That’s right, this single tool can also extend lines!

  1. If you hold down Shift and click/drag across a line, it will extend the line up to the next entity.
  2. But wait, there’s more!  Without holding any key, you can click on a line and drag it out as far as you want.  Even snap it on another entity.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a quick video demonstration:

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Scott Durksen, CSWE

Scott is a SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer and is based in our Dartmouth, Nova Scotia office.