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Article by Erin Elliott updated April 26, 2017


In celebration of Javelin’s 20th Anniversary this year, we are planning a lot of fun “20-themed” activities across Canada in the upcoming months. One of the activities is the Javelin 20 Challenge. We are encouraging everybody at Javelin to think of something that challenges them, maybe something that they have wanted to try or achieve, and it must be related to the number twenty!

Javelin 20 Challenge

Javelin 20 Challenge

What Challenges You?

That is the question we asked everybody at Javelin. It turns out, there are a lot of challenges we tend to procrastinate with or avoid. We received a wide variety of great Javelin 20 Challenges. Here are some examples of the challenges our colleagues are committed to accomplishing leading up to Javelin’s anniversary on July 3, 2017:

Run or walk 20 kilometers each week

To put this in perspective, 20 kilometers is the distance it takes for me to commute one way to the office each day and I consider that to be far! This means you would have to walk or run just shy of 3 kms per day each week. The first week’s results are in:

Distance Tracker

Distance Tracker

Teaching a dog 20 new tricks

You certainly can teach a dog new tricks! Mila has mastered the following tricks already:

  1. Top left is down,
  2. Bottom left is wave,
  3. And right is sit pretty, or in her case sit awkwardly.
Dog Tricks

Dog Tricks

Rating 20 different burgers

Is anybody else’s mouth watering? I think the real challenge here is not the burger tasting, but trying to decide which one is best! Here is some feedback on this challenge so far:

Taking the lead: Pine Ridge Hollow Burger (Winnipeg) “the onion ring and thick cut bacon made this Burger a solid 9 out of 10 so much delicious texture!”

Rated Burger

Rated Burger

Ride a bike to work 20 times

This is probably the most relevant and rewarding challenge. Javelin as an organization is committed to reducing the carbon footprint for our business and our community. In 2016, Javelin set a goal to become a Zero Carbon Footprint company and we are proud recipients of the Smart Commute Rising Star award for 2016. Several members of our team live close enough to the offices across Canada which allows them to ride a bike to work rather than driving. This is not only having a positive impact on our environment, but it is a fun activity and great exercise!

Bike challenge

Bike challenge

Aim High with us

Is there something that you have been thinking about trying or completing? Take the Javelin 20 Challenge with us! We’ve given you a sneak peek at four of Javelin’s challenges and there are more updates to come, including the following:

  • Meditate for 20 minutes each day
  • Read 20 books
  • 20 minutes of activity each day
  • 20 random acts of kindness
  • 20 dates with a spouse
  • Losing 20 pounds
  • Donating 20 pairs of shoes and 20 pieces of clothing
  • Complete 20 workouts
  • Completing 20 pages of an adult colour book

We “challenge YOU” to commit to a Javelin 20 activity – Tweet us @javelintech using #javelin20. Participants will be randomly selected to win a prize!


You can participate in our Javelin 20 Challenge activities by following and sharing the hashtag #javelin20. We will be posting weekly challenge updates, fun facts about Javelin, and of course – our favourite 3D design enhancements over the years! 3D technology has continued to evolve and amaze us during the last 2 decades.

Were you designing products in 1997? What tools did you use? Please share your comments below!

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