Class Generation in SOLIDWORKS PCB

Article by Joseph Lyon updated January 27, 2018


A SOLIDWORKS PCB Class is a logical group of design objects. Grouping objects into a class allows for simplified viewing of the PCB layout and the creation of targeted design rules. SOLIDWORKS PCB class types include: nets, components, layers and polygons.


Net classes can be used to isolate specific types of nets for inspection

Creating a Net Class

Net classes can be assigned to individual connections by simply adding a Net Class directive.

  • Home > Circuit Elements > Directives > Net Class
Net Class Directive

Net Class Directive

Individual Net Class Assignment

To assign a net class to multiple wires or components at the same time, create a Blanket directive around the selection. Apply the Net Class directive to the blanketed circuit.

Multiple Net Class Assignment

Multiple Net Class Assignment

The net class name can be defined in the Value field. Rules can be associated by selecting the Add as Rule button in the Parameters dialog or in the Design Rules.

Net Class Parameters

When a schematic is brought to a PCB document some classes will be generated automatically. Modifications can be made to how classes are generated in the Project Options.

Class Generation Settings

Updating the PCB document will successfully generate classes.

Update PCB

Update PCB

Browsing Net Classes

All classes can be viewed and managed from the Object Class Explorer. With a PCB document active, navigate to:

  • Home > Design Rules > Classes
Object Class Explorer

Object Class Explorer

Generated classes can be viewed interactively from the PCB Panel dialog:

  • View > PCB
PCB Panel

PCB Panel

Selecting a class from the PCB Panel will highlight and jump to the selected objects on the PCB document.

Net Class Selected

Net Class Selected

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