Balloon your PDFs faster with SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated April 13, 2018


Are you receiving PDF documents for design inspection and quality assurance? If so, then the SOLIDWORKS Inspection Balloon PDF feature in the standalone application is perfect. Especially now, as the 2018 release where multiple characteristics can be pulled at the same time.

NOTE: SOLIDWORKS Inspection software is available as two applications types, a standalone product and a SOLIDWORKS Add-in.

How do you add balloons to a PDF?

The Smart Extract tool in SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone allows for the selection of single or multiple characteristics.

Smart Extract Tools

Smart Extract Tools

By selecting multiple characteristics the software will allow for a box selection:

Box Select Annotations

Box Select Annotations

Within seconds the SOLIDWORKS Inspection will populate the drawing with balloons and is ready to be sent out for inspection!

Balloons are applied

Balloons are applied

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Demo

SOLIDWORKS Inspection comes with many amazing features to save both time and effort that go into creating the inspection documentation. For applications that require SOLIDWORKS drawings, the SOLIDWORKS add-in is perfect and allows for automatic extraction. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Inspection in the short demonstration video below:

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For more information you can visit our SOLIDWORKS Inspection product page, access white papers and other related resources in our resource library.

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