There is a SOLIDWORKS Simulation Package to virtually test your design

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated April 12, 2018


Spending too much time on prototyping and attempting physical tests? Use a SOLIDWORKS Simulation Package to virtually test your design!

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, the virtual testing environment makes validating your design a breeze. If you think about how much time and cost goes into prototyping and setting up physical tests, virtual simulation is done on the spot and is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. Validation can happen with just about every application: structural, automation, product design and much more!

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is available in three packages:

Each package is filled with time and cost saving features. The following matrix is a high level look at the features and capabilities of the three SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages:

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Package Matrix

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Matrix

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

Starting with the standard package, you are able to complete linear static analysis which includes the fixtures to fix the model and many different choices for loads including forces, loads and more. With linear static analysis, both parts and assemblies can be analyzed and retrieve results such as stress, deformation, strain, and factor of safety.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

The Simulation Professional package includes additional modules which can save time and cost such as optimization, sub modeling and load case manager. New for 2018 we get topology — which can optimize the design and give us a visual of what material we’re able to remove and work through directly from concept or design stage.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

For nonlinear capabilities the Simulation Premium package is the one. Whether you need to analyze plastic deformation or run a dynamic analysis, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium has the capability of running complex design testing and giving you the confidence that your design will work in the real world!

Learn more about Simulation

Visit our SOLIDWORKS Simulation product page to find out more. Access our SOLIDWORKS Simulation resources for the latest news, case studies, white papers, and on-demand webinars. Watch the video below to learn about the latest enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018.

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