SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2021 Templates

Article by James Swackhammer updated January 7, 2021


SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2021 has some template improvements. Before these improvements were made, when making an Inspection report you would click the “Add” button for a template, same when exporting to an Excel sheet you would “Add” template and then choose where to save. 

This year, SOLIDWORKS has changed the way we manage Inspection templates. Having some continuity in how SOLIDWORKS manages Inspection templates, much like all core product templates. They are now located within the file locations. 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Templates workflow:

Go to Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations > Click the drop-down list > Near the bottom are the Inspection templates.

There is an Inspection Project Template Folder, Inspection Report Template Folder, and Inspection Default Export Folder location. 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Templates

Three types of Inspection Template in the File Locations.

Using the SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project Template Folder

When starting a new project, you would use the Inspection Project Template Folder. To export to an Excel sheet, you use the Inspection Report Template Folder and finally, when or if you want to choose a standard export save location you can setup the Inspection Default Export Folder locations.

Note: The last location is optional as not all companies dump the Inspection reports in the same location. 

When you start a new project you will even receive a warning message in yellow telling you how to navigate to the Inspection template locations in the Options:

New warning for File Locations

New warning for File Locations

Sometimes it is the little things that matter and making the SOLIDWORKS Inspection templates operate in the same manner as the core SOLIDWORKS product templates is great.

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