You can now test upcoming SOLIDWORKS Service Packs in your browser

Article by Rod Mackay updated April 20, 2018


In an earlier post we discussed how to gain early access to a SOLIDWORKS Service Pack for testing purposes through the Early Visibility (EV) program included with SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service. An EV release is usually available a couple of weeks before a full release and it appears in the Downloads and Updates section of the Customer Portal. But starting with SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP3, you can now test SOLIDWORKS Service Packs online from your browser, no install required!

Access SOLIDWORKS EV in your browser

Subscription Service Subscription customers can visit using a Chrome or Firefox browser to give the service pack a try.

When you arrive at the MySolidWorks website you will note a Log in button, click on the button and then enter your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal/ID credentials (which you use for downloading service packs).



After logging in with your SOLIDWORKS ID, the browser will refresh and present you with a Launch button. Hit the button and a SOLIDWORKS Premium Online session will run in your browser:



A SOLIDWORKS Online session works just the same as a desktop version and you can provide feedback directly to the DS SolidWorks team using the feedback button. To help you ramp up, sample files are provided for you in Documents\SOLIDWORKS Product Trials. Just pick File > Open as normal to access the sample files.

Testing SOLIDWORKS Service Packs in the browser

SOLIDWORKS EV in the browser with a sample assembly open

Testing SOLIDWORKS Service Packs with your files

In the lower right of the browser window there are icons to access various tools:

SOLIDWORKS Online Session Tools

SOLIDWORKS Online Session Tools

Upload Files: Select the cloud upload button in the lower right and pick the file[s] you want to upload. Then open them during your session.

Cloud Storage Access: To access your own files, connect to an online storage account (Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box) using the appropriate icon links. Use the same storage account to save your progress. Any files you save locally are erased when your session ends. 

Testing other SOLIDWORKS Applications

In the lower left of the browser window you can pick the cog icon to access other applications, including Treehouse, eDrawings, and SOLIDWORKS Visualize:

Access other SOLIDWORKS Applications

Access other SOLIDWORKS Applications

Notes about SOLIDWORKS EV:

  • The SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program System Option is turned on for all EV releases
  • Please report all problems that are unique to this Early Visibility Service Pack using the “SOLIDWORKS Feedback” button at the top of the SOLIDWORKS application window. This will send email to
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