Communicating designs securely with eDrawings Professional

Article by Bryan Sprange, CSWE updated April 20, 2018


Now that your design is finished, it’s time to share it with your various contacts for their feedback. How do you currently go about this task? Do you send a drawing package, and maybe attach a screen shot or two? Or possibly you convert your file to a .step or parasolid format and send it along with drawings so that your contacts can interact with the model.

Complicated designs can be hard to convey with a simple drawing or screen shot.

Drawing views and Screen shots sometimes work for communicating designs

Use eDrawings Professional to Communicate your design

Instead, eDrawings Professional, which is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium versions, is a great way for your design files to be easily sent to any of your contacts securely. Your contacts will be able to interact with the model you have created, and take accurate measurements if the option is enabled. As an added bonus, the eDrawings file is ultra light weight while still having the option of being password protected, which means it can typically be attached to an email.

Measurements can be enabled on the eDrawings file

Add Augmented Reality

For even more clarity, when used on a mobile device with eDrawings Professional, a simple marker can be used to leverage the power of Augmented Reality and bring the model into the real world and have an excellent understanding of what the finished part will look like.

AR on mobile devices can be a great way to view designs

eDrawings Professional Collaboration

There is also the option to allow contacts using the free eDrawings viewer to leave comments directly on the model which ensures clarity of communication. Clicking on a saved comment will automatically orient the viewport exactly as it as when the comment was made.

Measurements and markups can be saved and sent along with the file

The free eDrawings Viewer and eDrawings Professional are powerful programs which can simplify communication between designers, suppliers, customers, and investors, while also keeping data secure and lightweight. If you haven’t investigated the capabilities of eDrawings recently, I recommend seeing how this fantastic program can boost your easily boost your communication and productivity.

To find out about even more features included with the two versions of eDrawings, contact Javelin and simplify sharing your CAD data today!

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Bryan Sprange, CSWE

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