How to create an Assembly Level BOM in SOLIDWORKS Composer

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated August 23, 2018


Just like SOLIDWORKS we can create a BOM that calls out sub-assemblies in the bills of materials of Composer assemblies. The SOLIDWORKS Composer Assembly BOM will have unique IDs that do not match other views.

Follow the steps below to create an Assembly Level BOM:


Click Assembly Selection Mode at the top of SOLIDWORKS Composer Assembly Tab. Assembly Selection mode allows you to select the entire assembly as you do not want to select the parts within the assembly.

A selected assembly will be a blue colour.

The colours used by SOLIDWORKS Composer for part selection mode and assembly selection mode are document properties and can be accessed through File > Properties > Document properties > Selection.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Assembly Selection Mode/BOM ID

Assembly Selection Mode/BOM ID


Select first subassembly in the assembly tree.The selected subassembly turns blue in the viewport.


Type 1 for BOM-ID in the properties Pane. Now, add the BOM-IDs for other subassemblies one by one.


Select the all subassemblies and Click Create Callouts in the BOM workshop.

Create Component Callouts

Create Component Callouts


Now display the BOM Table through Home > Visibility > BOM Table.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Assembly BOM Table

SOLIDWORKS Composer Assembly BOM Table

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