Perform Static Analysis on your models with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated October 30, 2018


SOLIDWORKS Simulation static analysis includes many amazing capabilities and there are always questions about what types of simulation and elements can SOLIDWORKS Simulation handle? If you’re working with solid models there are a vast list of tools that make validating a breeze!

Solid Models mesh using tetrahedral elements which are accurate and map properly around complex curvatures.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation static analysis

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mesh

Other tools that give you full control include: Mesh Properties, Mesh Control, and Mesh Plot!

Another element that can be used in Simulation is Shell Element. Shell elements are used for sheet metal components or thin wall models! Same with solid elements, shells have full control over meshing.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Shell Element

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Shell Element

The last element type that SOLIDWORKS Simulation static analysis provides are beam elements, which can be set up to define beams or trusses. Beam elements have different controls than that of Solids and Shells and use joints to define connections. Beam elements rely on a smaller number of elements and still have mesh control to provide accurate results!

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Beam Elements

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Beam Elements

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has the ability to mix and match elements and provide accurate results! Validating designs is quick due to the integration of simulation and full control!

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