How to embed SOLIDWORKS Composer files into Microsoft Word

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated November 8, 2018


SOLIDWORKS Composer data can be published into various external tools such as a PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and HTML. Sometimes when you want to show your content to other users who do not have Composer or the Composer Player installed on their machines, publishing it in a PDF or MS Word document is the best method for sharing the data.

SOLIDWORKS Composer to MS Word

Here are the steps of embedding a SOLIDWORKS composer file into Microsoft Word:

STEP 1: Open a file.

Open a new Microsoft Word Document through MS Word > File > New > Blank document.

STEP 2:  Access Composer Player Control window through MS Word

  • Go to File > Options. This opens the “word options” dialog box.
  • On the Customize Ribbon Page > Select the developer check box > Click OK.
  • Now the Developer tab will be shown.
  • On the Developer Tab > Go to Controls > Legacy Tools > More controls.
  • Now select Composer Player ActiveX and click OK.

Above steps will work for Microsoft word 2010.

To activate Composer Controls Window in Microsoft 2007 > Click Word options > select Show Developer Tab in ribbon > Click OK. On Developer Tab > Go to Controls > Legacy Tools > More controls.

Accessing Developer Tab in MS Word

Accessing Developer Tab in MS Word

STEP 3: Link Composer file to MS Word

Right click the Composer Player ActiveX Window > Composer Player ActiveX Object > Properties . On general Tab > Browse the composer .smg assembly that you would like to use in Word . Click OK.

Always make sure Design Mode is on when you are making some changes in word document such as changing Active X control windows properties. However, to view the file or using composer player window to view various views & animations the design mode has to be off.

Now in Microsoft Word document you should be able to look through various views, play the animation, save new views and use all the commands that you can use in Composer player.

Composer document embedded in Word

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