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How to import Product Manufacturing information (PMI) into SOLIDWORKS Composer

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP created/updated November 13, 2018

SOLIDWORKS Composer can directly import Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) data from SOLIDWORKS models. PMI conveys attributes that are necessary for manufacturing a product component.

The attributes include geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T), datums, dimensions, Special symbols such as diameters and degrees and surface finishes.

To import PMI data into SOLIDWORKS Composer:

  • When SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies are saved, Importing PMI functionality has to be enabled from the SOLIDWORKS software through Tools > Options > System Options > Export > SMG and select Export PMI.
Export PMI Data

Export PMI Data

  • Now launch SOLIDWORKS Composer > File > Open
  • On the Open dialog box > click Import and select Import PMI.
  • To modify the PMI colors during import, select Overwrite color and choose a color, which is applied to all the imported PMI data.
How to import PMI data into SOLIDWORKS Composer

Import PMI in Composer

  • Composer stores the PMI data in the PMI Data (SOLIDWORKS) folder under a root node on the Assembly tab.Select or clear check boxes to hide or show the PMI data.
PMI storage location in composer

PMI storage location in composer

  • Composer imports view-based data such as annotation views from SOLIDWORKS and 3D views from SOLIDWORKS MBD. Composer stores these views in the PMI Views (SOLIDWORKS) folder under a root node on the Assembly tab in Composer. The 3D Views and Annotation Views sub-folders contain these categories of imported views.
  • After you import the PMI data into a .smg file, the PMI data is visible in Composer Player as well.

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