How to import Product Manufacturing information (PMI) into SOLIDWORKS Composer

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated November 13, 2018


SOLIDWORKS Composer can directly import Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) data from SOLIDWORKS models. PMI conveys attributes that are necessary for manufacturing a product component.

The attributes include geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T), datums, dimensions, Special symbols such as diameters and degrees and surface finishes.

To import PMI data into SOLIDWORKS Composer:

  • When SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies are saved, Importing PMI functionality has to be enabled from the SOLIDWORKS software through Tools > Options > System Options > Export > SMG and select Export PMI.
Export PMI Data

Export PMI Data

  • Now launch SOLIDWORKS Composer > File > Open
  • On the Open dialog box > click Import and select Import PMI.
  • To modify the PMI colors during import, select Overwrite color and choose a color, which is applied to all the imported PMI data.
How to import PMI data into SOLIDWORKS Composer

Import PMI in Composer

  • Composer stores the PMI data in the PMI Data (SOLIDWORKS) folder under a root node on the Assembly tab.Select or clear check boxes to hide or show the PMI data.
PMI storage location in composer

PMI storage location in composer

  • Composer imports view-based data such as annotation views from SOLIDWORKS and 3D views from SOLIDWORKS MBD. Composer stores these views in the PMI Views (SOLIDWORKS) folder under a root node on the Assembly tab in Composer. The 3D Views and Annotation Views sub-folders contain these categories of imported views.
  • After you import the PMI data into a .smg file, the PMI data is visible in Composer Player as well.

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