How to change the SOLIDWORKS Composer SVG highlight colour

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 18, 2019


SOLIDWORKS Composer helps your organization, including nontechnical users, leverage 3D CAD data to create dynamic graphical content that clearly and effectively depicts even your most complex products.

One of those contents are SVG images which are saved using the Technical Illustration within the Workshops pane.

Most users want these SVG images to apply a different highlight colour, displayed when hovering the mouse pointer over the parts, to something other than the default green.

Changing the Highlight Colour

This highlight colour that we see in the viewport is what is saved into an .svg image and can be changed through:

  1. File > Properties > Document Properties.

Any changes made to the document properties apply to the current open document. Whereas, the changes made to the default document properties will apply to the new documents that will be opened within SOLIDWORKS Composer. 

How to access document properties

How to access document properties

  1. This opens the document properties dialog box > click on selection tab.
  2. Within selection tab we can modify the selection colour as well as Highlight colour for both parts and assemblies.

Selection colour applies just to the viewport whereas the highlight colour applies to both an SVG image as well as viewport.

Document properties dialog box - Changes

Document properties dialog box – Changes

  1. Once the selection colour and highlight colours are changed, then click apply and click OK.
  2. Within the viewport we will be notice the change in selection colour and highlight colour. In my case I am selecting pink for selection for part (default) and yellow for highlight. Here is the result I have.
Result in SOLIDWORKS Composer View Port

Result in SOLIDWORKS Composer Viewport

  1. Now when the SVG image is saved using Workshops Pane > Technical illustration > Save as an .svg. When we hover over the parts in the SVG the highlight colour has changed from green to yellow.


SVG image – highlight colour

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