SOLIDWORKS Manage Client Installation

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated May 3, 2019


After the SOLIDWORKS Manage Server installation, the clients can then be installed.

The SOLIDWORKS Manage install can be launched by clicking on the SOLIDWORKS Manage msi, located in the SWManageClient folder, of the SOLIDWORKS Installation file-set.


This will start the SOLIDWORKS Manage Client InstallShield Wizard.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Client InstallShield Wizard.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Client InstallShield Wizard.

You will then be asked for the Destination Installation Folder .

Destination Folder for the Installation

Destination Folder for the Installation

If SOLIDWORKS (CAD) is installed on this system, you can also choice to also install the SOLIDWORKS Manage Add-in for SOLIDWORKS



Clicking on Install, will start the installation process.


After the installation is complete, the SOLIDWORKS Manage Client and Server needs to be connected. This is accomplished by the SOLIDWORKS Manage Configuration File Wizard, which is located in the the installation folder, for SOLIDWORKS Manage. By default,this is:

C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Manage Server\Server Utils

Inside the this folder, double-click the swm.configwizard.exe, to launch the Configuration File Wizard.

In the Configuration File Wizard, enter a Description for the Configuration File. This Description will appear in the SOLIDWORKS Manage Client Log-in Screen. As well as entering a Description, the Database and License Server Information, that was configured during the Installation of the SOLIDWORKS Manage Server, needs to be entered

Configuration File Wizard

Configuration File Wizard

You can and should Test the Connection to the License Server and Database, prior to saving the configuration file. Once all information has been entered and the connections tested, click on Save to create the SOLIDWORKS Manage Configuration File.

The Configuration File needs to be saved to the Fileserver and Server Utils Folders.

Save SOLIDWORKS Manage Configure File

Save SOLIDWORKS Manage Configure File

If due to permissions, the Configuration File cannot be saved directly to these folders, the file can be saved to another folder, and then copied into these folders afterwards.

Once the Configuration File has been saved, the Configuration File Wizard can be closed.

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