Learn how to create Parts, Assemblies & Drawings

Training Course Contents

By quickly getting up to speed, as well as using best modeling practices, the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course ultimately ensures maximum efficiency and productivity for all SOLIDWORKS users.

New CAD users, seasoned users of other CAD systems and veteran SOLIDWORKS users can all benefit from Essentials training.

Real life case studies are used to illustrate processes, teaching everything you need to know for building parametric models of parts and assemblies, and making drawings of those parts and assemblies.

This training course will help you to:

  • Create parametric sketches
  • Create parts and build assemblies
  • Create and control different versions of your parts with configurations
  • Automate design modification with equations and excel design tables
  • Create drawings of your designs

Course Info at a glance

In-class 4 Day course (7 hours/day)

Online 4 Day course (7 hours/day)

Essential / Basic Course Level

Live instructor led training

Course Preview

Watch an overview video to get a preview of the SOLIDWORKS Essentials

Requirements & Benefits


Basic Windows Knowledge

Mechanical or Industrial Design Experience

Features Targeted

Sketching & Feature creation

Bottom-up Assembly Modeling

Drawing Views & Annotations

Skills you will acquire

Able to create SOLIDWORKS parts

Able to build assemblies

Create Production Drawings

SOLIDWORKS Essentials Lessons

The following lessons are included in the course

Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS Basics and the User Interface

  • What is SOLIDWORKS Software?
  • Design Intent
  • File References
  • Opening Files
  • The SOLIDWORKS User Interface
  • Using the Command Manager

Lesson 2: Introduction to Sketching

  • 2D Sketching
  • Stages in the Process
  • Saving Files
  • What are We Going to Sketch?
  • Sketching
  • Sketch Entities
  • Basic Sketching
  • Rules That Govern Sketches
  • Design Intent
  • Sketch Relations
  • Dimensions
  • Extrude
  • Sketching Guidelines

Lesson 3: Basic Part Modeling

  • Basic Modeling
  • Terminology
  • Choosing the Best Profile
  • Choosing the Sketch Plane
  • Details of the Part
  • Boss Feature
  • Sketching on a Planar Face
  • Cut Feature
  • Using the Hole Wizard
  • View Selector
  • Filleting
  • Editing Tools
  • Detailing Basics
  • Drawing Views
  • Center Marks
  • Dimensioning
  • Changing Parameters

Lesson 4: Symmetry and Draft 

  • Case Study: Ratchet
  • Design Intent
  • Boss Feature with Draft
  • Symmetry in the Sketch
  • Sketching Inside the Model
  • View Options
  • Using Model Edges in a Sketch
  • Creating Trimmed Sketch Geometry
  • Copy & Paste Features

Lesson 5: Patterning

  • Why Use Patterns?
  • Linear Pattern
  • Circular Patterns
  • Reference Geometry
  • Mirror Patterns
  • Using Pattern Seed Only
  • Up To Reference
  • Sketch Driven Patterns

Lesson 6: Revolved Features

  • Case Study: Handwheel
  • Design Intent
  • Revolved Features
  • Building the Rim
  • Building the Spoke
  • Edit Material
  • Mass Properties
  • File Properties
  • SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress
  • Using SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress
  • The SimulationXpress Interface

Lesson 7: Shelling and Ribs

  • Shelling and Ribs
  • Analyzing and Adding Draft
  • Other Options for Draft
  • Shelling
  • Ribs
  • Full Round Fillets
  • Thin Features

Lesson 8: Editing: Repairs

  • Part Editing
  • Editing Topics
  • Sketch Issues
  • FilletXpert
  • DraftXpert

Lesson 9: Editing: Design Changes

  • Part Editing
  • Design Changes
  • Information From a Model
  • Rebuilding Tools
  • Sketch Contours
  • Replace Sketch Entity

Lesson 10: Configurations

  • Using Configurations
  • Other Methods to Create Configurations
  • Modeling Strategies for Configurations
  • Editing Part that Have Configurations
  • Design Library

Lesson 11: Global Variables & Equations

  • Using Global Variables and Equations
  • Renaming Features and Dimensions
  • Design Rules Using Global Variables and Equations
  • Global Variables
  • Equations
  • Using Operators and Functions

Lesson 12: Using Drawings

  • More About Making Drawings
  • Section View
  • Model Views
  • Broken View
  • Detail Views
  • Drawing Sheets and Sheet Formats
  • Annotations

Lesson 13: Bottom-Up Assembly Modeling

  • Case Study: Universal Joint
  • Bottom-Up Assembly
  • Creating a New Assembly
  • Position of the First Component
  • FeatureManager Design Tree and Symbols
  • Adding Components
  • Mating Components
  • Using Part Configurations in Assemblies
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Smart Mates
  • Inserting Sub-assemblies
  • Pack and Go

Lesson 14: Using Assemblies

  • Analyzing the Assembly
  • Checking for Clearances
  • Changing the Values of Dimensions
  • Exploded Assemblies
  • Explode Line Sketch
  • Bill of Materials
  • Assembly Drawings


  • Options Settings
  • Document Templates


"I'm transitioning from AutoCAD to SOLIDWORKS and this course has allowed me to get up to speed quickly so that I can confidently work in SOLIDWORKS now."

— Gerard Cormier, SPI Health and Safety

"Without hesitation, I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in growing their abilities within the engineering industry. The content was bountiful, the instructor was helpful, and the pace was the perfect balance of comfort and challenge."

— Sarah Rauer, Phybridge

"The method of instruction in teaching SOLIDWORKS Essentials was very effective. Each lesson was informative and complemented with time for practice in the form of exercises that reinforced the skills that were clearly demonstrated during lecture time. Extremely patient, the instructor always made sure to answer questions and clarify answers. I am certainly better prepared with more skills and more efficient CAD techniques."

— Joe Felice, Self Employed

Training Methods

Choose from three different training methods available to you

SOLIDWORKS Group Training

Group/Public Training

Receive SOLIDWORKS training as a group in a traditional classroom environment.

Classes can be taken in one of our 12 training locations across Canada using SOLIDWORKS approved training content and methodologies.

  • Cost effective training method.
  • Leave the office to concentrate on learning.
  • Learn more through group questions and feedback.
SOLIDWORKS Online Training

Live Online Training

With our online training you will experience an interactive learning environment where you can give feedback, gain access to the SOLIDWORKS training files and get time to work on training exercises.

  • Online courses are typically half day sessions.
  • More effective than video based training, with recorded videos learners are often not as focused on the training and skip exercises.
SOLIDWORKS Onsite Training

Onsite at your location

Receive training at your place of work. This style of flexible training is perfect for teams or individuals who are faced with a specific challenge and require personalized courses with on-the-job coaching.

  • Use our state-of-the-art mobile classroom at your facility.
  • Bring your team up to a consistent level of knowledge by having them take the same training at the same time.
  • Benefit from flexible scheduling options.

Upcoming Classes

Choose a SOLIDWORKS Essentials class from the list below

  • StartDurationLocationPricing
    Monday, 16th October, 20234 Days (7 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote
    Tuesday, 17th October, 20236 Days (5.5 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote
    Monday, 30th October, 20234 Days (7 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote
    Monday, 6th November, 20234 Days (7 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote
    Tuesday, 7th November, 20236 Days (5.5 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote
    Monday, 13th November, 20234 Days (7 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote
    Monday, 27th November, 20235 Days (7 hours/day)Auburn, NH.Get a Quote
    Monday, 27th November, 20234 Days (7 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote
    Monday, 27th November, 20234 Days (7 hours/day)Oakville, ON.Get a Quote
    Monday, 4th December, 20234 Days (7 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote
    Tuesday, 5th December, 20236 Days (5.5 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote
    Monday, 11th December, 20234 Days (7 hours/day)Columbia, MD.Get a Quote
    Monday, 11th December, 20234 Days (7 hours/day)OnlineGet a Quote

    SOLIDWORKS Essentials class not listed for your required date or location?

    Get a quote for the course and let us know the date and location where you require training.

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