SOLIDWORKS Manage Users Area (System Administration)

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated October 29, 2019


The Users Area of SOLIDWORKS Manage System Administration is where Users and Groups are added imported and edited. System Administration is available by selecting Administration Options.

Launching System Administration for Administration Options

Selecting the Users Area, located at the lower left  of SOLIDWORKS Manage System Administration will give access to the various User and Group Sections.

Users Area

Selecting the Users Section in the upper Window, will display a panel to right, where an Administrator can manage Users.

Users Area

On the left of this panel, are buttons that provide the following functions:

  • First – create a New User
  • Second- Edit a existing User
  • Third – Delete a User
  • Fourth – Refresh the display of Users
  • Fifth – Export the List of Users to Excel

Command Buttons

Additionally the Administrator can search for users who are Already in the Manage Environment or to display only Deleted Users.

Search Users & Deleted Users

Deleting a User will not permanently that delete the User, instead the user will be hidden in the system. When deleting a User, a warning will explain this.

Delete User Warning

Deleted Users will be have a _Deleted_  prefix in front of the User Name.

Deleted User List

Creating or Editing a User will launch the User Properties. The first tab of User Properties, allows the entry of the User’s Details. Fields with a red asterisk, are mandatory.

User Details

The Account Type tab, contains options to Enable/Disable a User, password options such as Resetting a Password or defining the User as an Administrator or Partial Administrator.

Account Type

Selecting Groups in Account Type tab, allows the user to be added to Existing Groups.

User Groups

The Calendar tab, is where the Administrator defines who can See or Edit a Users Calendar.The Contains panel shows which Users are part of a Selected Group and also, which Group(s) a selected User belongs to.


Like the Calendar tab, the Tasks tab allows the Administrator to define who can See or Edit a Users Tasks.


An Administrator can define, who can Approve the Users Timesheets, from the Timesheets tab.


As well as creating users in SOLIDWORKS MANAGE, Users can be imported from a Text File or Active Directory. I will cover importing Users from SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, in a another article.

Import Users

If a user needs to replaced, this can also be done in the Users Section. As noted, this can be useful when more then one user name, is imported for the same user.

Replace User

The Groups sections is similar to the Users Section and has similar tools for Adding, Editing and Deleting Groups. Some tools such as defining Calendars, Timesheets and Tasks are not available from Groups. It is important to note that,  unlike Users, Groups are deleted permanently.

SOLIDWORKS Manage already contains some Groups, but Additional Groups can be added.

Groups Section

Users can be added to a group, when Adding or Editing a Group, but Saving the Group is first required. Clicking on the blue circle with plus sign, will provide a list of users that can be added to the Group. The blue circle with negative sign will delete the selected user, from the Group. If it is required that all users belong to this Group,selecting Group Contains all Users, will accomplish this. Groups can be added to the current Group by clicking on the Groups button and selecting from existing groups.

Group Properties

The Visibility of the different Modules in SOLIDWORKS Manage, can be controlled from the Access Section of the Users Area. This can be set for Groups or Users. Individual Users can be Excluded, which can been useful, when one or more members of Group, should not have Access to a Module.


The Installation Sections is useful for determining which version of SOLIDWORKS Manage Client, is installed on each Users Machine.


This article is a brief overview, of the User Area, of SOLIDWORKS Manage System Administration. It is not intended to replace training or the implementation of SOLIDWORKS Manage, by a trained professional. The complexity of SOLIDWORKS Manage, is such, that it’s implementation, will prove difficult for those who lack a thorough understanding of this product.

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