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Article by Rod Mackay updated September 8, 2020


3DEXPERIENCE Project Planner is a new role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that is designed for SOLIDWORKS users and other team members to manage their projects.

Project Planner promotes team-based planning for all business users through simple and assisted iterative planning, execution and monitoring of projects. It connects team members through a flexible and collaborative approach. Team members define, share and complete tasks and deliverables through continuous planning and execution of a project. An innovative engine automatically optimizes the schedule to meet key milestones and delivery dates.

Project Planner in SOLIDWORKS Desktop

Project Planner in SOLIDWORKS Desktop

Using the Project Planning App available within SOLIDWORKS allows users to:

  • Create, modify and update project information directly from the SOLIDWORKS interface.
  • Connect SOLIDWORKS design data to tasks from a project to avoid wasting time searching for product information to complete assigned work.

Take a look at the Project Planner in action in the video below:

3DEXPERIENCE Project Planner Benefits

The Project Planner allows 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS users to:

  • Accelerate time from idea to delivery
  • Improve team productivity
  • Securely collaborate with team members through ad-hoc access rights
  • Connect attachments and deliverables to tasks for review by team members
  • Define project scope, min-max task duration, dependencies and milestones
  • Automatically schedule and optimize planning activities and resources to meet key milestones
  • Keep up with the progress and work to be done from anywhere with real time notifications
  • Access anywhere, anytime through a cloud, in-app and mobile experience

Project Planner Use Cases

Project Planner can be used by your team to accomplish the following project management tasks:

Product Development and Marketing

Project Planner supports a wide variety of business efforts that benefit from having a plan to organize and execute. Users can flexibly define tasks and schedules according to their needs, and then track efforts through to completion. With the ability to associate tasks with current product data, Project Planner excels in the delivery of projects that are based on design information.

Project Planner Schedule View

Project Planner Schedule View

Project Management and Analytics

The Project Planner Summary View offers real-time insights into various aspects of a project. Views include status of on-time and late tasks, achieved versus yet-to-complete milestones, tasks at risk and the stages of completion of deliverables.

Project Planner Summary View

Project Planner Summary View

Resource Planning and Allocation

With Project Planner, users can get an estimation on resource usage versus time for the project. This helps teams assess burdened assignees with pending tasks. If the assignees associate deliverables to their tasks, a chart displays the number of deliverables that are in various stages of completion.

Project Planner Task View

Project Planner Task View

Project Planner Features and Capabilities

Project Planner includes the following features:

  • Project Tasks:
    • Create tasks and milestones with estimated duration
    • Configure project tasks with fixed or flexible dates for planned start and end
    • Associate reference content to project with simple drag/drop from other widgets or upload from local drives
    • Flexibly create projects based on existing templates or on an ad-hoc basis
    • Easily define and modify project attributes
    • Ensure that assigned project resources are not overbooked
  • Schedule View:
    • Establish visual order between tasks in schedule view of project by connecting end of one task to beginning of next task through simple drag/drop action
    • Create dependencies between tasks or milestones in “dependencies” attribute of task
    • Select task and associate it with another to re-sequence tasks in Schedule View
    • Rapidly develop and adapt project schedules based on tasks and their dependencies
  • Schedule Management:
    • Manage schedules better with built-in optimizer engine
    • Determine flexibility on task delivery dates while defining estimated duration for tasks
    • Use this “cushion,” project’s scheduling strategy, and dependency between tasks to allow project optimizer to automatically adjust tasks to provide most favorable project scheduling
    • When making adjustments to a schedule, benefit from automatic color coding of tasks (yellow or orange) to indicate that adjustments are not compatible with set estimates
  • Summary View:
    • Show tasks that are on time or late, milestones achieved versus incomplete and tasks at risk
      Indicate burdened assignees with pending tasks using resource usage versus time chart
    • Consult chart displaying number of deliverables in various stages of completion if assignees are expected to associate deliverables to tasks
    • Improve productivity by identifying critical tasks and collaborate around them in real time
  • Universal Access:
    • Access tasks, milestones or deliverables anywhere and on any mobile interface
    • Automatically send notifications through preferred methods of communication when tasks are assigned or completed
    • Work quickly and efficiently
    • Stay up-to-date on project task status

Interested in Project Planner?

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