SOLIDWORKS ERP Integration with DELMIAWorks

Article by Rob Hauser, CSPP updated March 24, 2021


Are you struggling to connect SOLIDWORKS with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in order to keep your production floor up-to-date with the current release of engineering drawing revision levels? Or connect CNC machines with the proper release of digital models?

Watch the demo below to learn how you can connect SOLIDWORKS to DELMIAWorks ERP and keep your shop floor data in-sync with the front office.

Make use of your SOLIDWORKS data

When it comes to 3D design, SOLIDWORKS has been the tool of choice for manufacturers for many years. However a vast number of the companies we interact with are not leveraging the data that they have created in SOLIDWORKS.

Think of it, all the time, effort and expertise to create detailed 3D CAD models, along with the derived Bills of Material, specification sheets, and in some instances, manufacturing process sheets, build instructions, shim guides and even the 3D model for downloading into CNC machines. It’s all just sitting there in an engineering silo!

Now, with the DELMIAWorks SOLIDWORKS Add-In, users can easily access the ERP space to link part and assembly information to the inventory, bill of manufacturing, project management and preventative maintenance modules for increased productivity and data error reduction. Using the DELMIAWorks menu within SOLIDWORKS, your company can link documents and drawings to DELMIAWorks records. It behaves as if you are working from within a single application.


DELMIAWorks inside the SOLIDWORKS Interface

Access your Digital Thread

For decades the lack of up-to-date drawings and files on the shop floor has been a serious source of rework, production slow-downs and the dreaded phone call or walk to the engineering department just to obtain the latest release of drawing and BOM. And to also ensure the CAD models required for the CNC machines are at the same release as the drawings.

Companies invest heavily in creating CAD designs of their products; with a commitment in hardware for workstations to the CAD software used to model the item that they create, plus the training of the design staff and the numerous hours of labour spent engineering the parts and assemblies. The assembly models, individual part models and the derived drawings and BOMs required to produce a product represents the intellectual property, or IP that your company has generated. We call this the digital thread.

DELMIA | Works SOLIDWORKS Inventory Item


Manage design change

The shear number of touchpoints that a company needs to ensure are properly adjusted from just one change can be enormous. From assembly to part models, to drawings and BOMs. Plus the connection to documentation, spare parts lists, manufacturing process sheets and instructions, and customer facing documentation. Change something in a part model or assembly model, and the ripple effect through all these ancillary documents is incredible. Just getting a BOM into an ERP can be a struggle, not to mention engineering changes and component part updates.


The SOLIDWORKS DELMIAWorks ERP Connector can really save valuable time not only entering a new BOM, but it also saves time with future engineering changes, updates and component changes.

DELMIA | Works Engineering Change Order (ECO)

DELMIAWorks Engineering Change Order (ECO)

Being able to bring in ancillary documents such as work instructions and quality documents are an added bonus to keep the shop floor humming with production activity, not busy work trying to find the correct information.

With SOLIDWORKS and DELMIAWorks ERP your business with have a closed loop engineering change process that incorporates the production floor with procurement and engineering!

Get started with DELMIAWorks ERP

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