DELMIAWorks Smart Manufacturing 101

Article by Dassault Systèmes updated October 11, 2022


To keep your competitive edge, you have to continue to get smarter on the manufacturing floor. Smart Manufacturing, what does it all mean? How do you get started? What are the steps required to make the transition?

Watch the on-demand webinar from DELMIAWorks where they simplify these steps and walk through how successful companies are navigating their transformation journey today to be the leaders of tomorrow. The key topics around smart manufacturing that are covered:

  • Gathering real-time manufacturing floor data
  • Gaining manufacturing visibility
  • Production flow & WIP
  • Measure and Improve OEE
  • Take control of raw materials, scrap & inventory
  • Use real-time data to drive your business

Learn more about DELMIAWorks

Visit our DELMIAWorks product page to learn more about the benefits of an integrated ERP and MES system.

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