Auto Tabs are new in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020

Article by Shawn McEachern updated May 11, 2021


In SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 we are now able automatically create Tabs on Contour Operations. Whether you are trying to avoid fixtures/clamping or stopping flyers, this new feature is another huge time saver.

This feature is very handy for owners of routers. When contouring parts, they can move when separated from the sheet. Auto Tabs allows you to quickly create an avoid area to connect the part to the sheet and keep it in place.

If you require extra material in certain areas or want to avoid some external faces, Auto Tabs can ensure that the part remains in place during cutting without any collisions. Below, we have a part that requires clamping.

Auto Tabs

Auto Tabs

Right-mouse button on the Contour Operation, Select Edit Definition, in the Contour Tab select Tab Cutting and then Settings


Contour Setting

Create Tabs

Here we can create invisible tabs that the tool will avoid. Set the Number, Length and Thickness of tabs. Set the spacing to equal or to a specified distance. Tabs can also be edit individually. Offset distance may also be added for additional clearance.

Create Tabs for the tool to avoid

Create Tabs for the tool to avoid

Regenerate the toolpath, it will avoid the defined tab area leaving on extra material.

Regenerate Toolpath

Regenerate Toolpath


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